MEBAA Show 2022 DWC | Dubai

For the first time AVINOC exhibited at the MEBAA Show 2022 together with one of its running tokenization projects, revolutionary VOO Marketplace. The companies were showcasing the latest features — VOOmiles, VOOwallet and VOOpay and took part at the essential BizAvTalks.

As part of those, Gernot Winter, CEO of AVINOC and Robert Plhak, CEO of VOO Flights held a joint presentation “Stay ahead of the curve with cryptocurrencies”, which supported key topics of the show — future aviation, digitalization, blockchain, AI and crypto-based payments. The presentation addressed the readiness and adaptability to the quickly evolving technological landscape that is crucial in today’s marketplace and explored the purchasing methods of tomorrow’s customers and the benefits of providing flexible payment options.

“It’s not just about cryptocurrency, it’s about tokenization as a whole, and the real goal is to connect the real world – the business aviation world – with the crypto world.” – said Gernot Winter, sharing examples of how tokenization and blockchain technology can be used within the future of the aviation industry, not just through payment, but also loyalty programes, aircraft ownership, security for airlines and airports, MRO solutions, ticketing, identity management and much more.

Avinoc Mebaa22 Avinoc Mebaa22 Avinoc Mebaa22