AVINOC is a think tank with the mission to positively change the entire aviation industry by introducing new technologies and crypto payment methods — in addition, to operate and manage according to ESG guidelines.

What does AVINOC do?

AVINOC successfully implements individual aviation projects, the first of which is VOO – the world’s first digital B2B marketplace to search, book, pay and manage private jet charter flights. With this project, AVINOC attracts investors to finance and realize further innovative aviation projects, advancing towards its main goal – sustainable, positive change of the entire aviation industry through technological innovations.The ongoing projects address mostly civil aviation, though through the implementation of new technologies in aviation sector, AVINOC aims, in the long term, to connect all participants in the aviation and travel industry and make everyday aviation operations smoother, more efficient and completely safe, as well as significantly less expensive.

Examples of other successful projects include accelerated airline reservations via blockchain, airline tickets and jet fuel payment in cryptocurrency, entire charter management handling via blockchain and many more.

More about the Projects

Future projects

  • Accelerated airline reservations via blockchain
  • Airline tickets and jet fuel payment in cryptocurrency
  • Entire charter management handling via blockchain

What makes AVINOC so unique?

Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it continues to expand. AVINOC addresses aviation as the industry of the future and uses blockchain technology, which offers a broad activity space with yet countless untapped opportunities for aviation, to target the challenges of the entire industry. Company applies modern digital technologies as opportunities to make interconnected customer journey a reality.

Accessible to the community
Efficient and transparent

As the first tool to represent the company’s vision and to advance toward its goal, AVINOC has developed the groundbreaking project – VOO Marketplace. This ultra-efficient software is the perfect solution for the business aviation in general and particularly for charter brokers and private jet operators – all with less time investment, at lower cost and higher profit margins, as well as transparency in all aspects of the entire charter process and safe financial transactions.

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The AVINOC token

The fuel that AVINOC uses to power its blockchain solutions is the AVINOC token – a highly forward-looking solution because token-based assets are predicted to have enormous market potential. It is estimated that up to $24 trillion in financial assets will be stored on the blockchain by 2027, equivalent to 10% of the projected global GDP.

Having its own token allows AVINOC to move freely in the aviation universe, create assets and values, conduct transactions and, most importantly, share them with the world.

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Founded in 2018, by a pilot, a blockchain specialist and economic experts

Gernot Winter

Gernot is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur with a high affinity for difficult and complex tasks in various business areas. He is particularly interested in connecting the enormous opportunities generated by technological advances such as blockchain and tokenization with the “real” economy and creating the best of both worlds for a better society out of it.

AVINOC´s value

AVINOC was founded in 2018 in Austria inspired by aviation industry, technology and business professionals and has established itself a trustworthy name in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through their real projects.

The real companies that stand behind AVINOC and develop a real product that itself generates sales also contribute to the company’s forward-looking and innovative image.

Because of the trust of the market participants in AVINOC and the VOO product, investors engage in AVINOC tokens, whereby the price shifts as a reflection of that trust as well as market expectations about the price, for example at the stock exchange and stock trading. This also adds to the company’s value that brought the stock to the market, which is why people from all over the world are interested in AVINOC and its token as a compelling investment.