Avinoc Token

The AVINOC token is an ERC-20 token currently running on the ETH blockchain. Since April 2023, the Avinoc Token is also available as ZEN-20 token on the Zeniq Smartchain. It was launched in 2017 with a fixed quantity of 1,000,000,000. You can buy and sell the AVINOC token on the following exchanges and marketplaces.

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AVINOC live data

You can currently buy and sell the AVINOC token on the following exchanges: Latoken, Bkex, Cointiger, Bitmart, Uniswap and Zeniq.

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Trading AVINOC token

With a current trading volume of USD 1.2T+, Uniswap is one of the largest decentralized crypto exchanges in the world. Connect your wallet, for exmple Metamask, with Uniswap and start swapping cryptos.

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Latoken is the largest IEO market. Since 2017, Latoken has reportedly connected 130+ startups with 400,000 platform users and 1.5 million visitors per month.

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BKEX is a global cryptocurrency financial service platform founded in 2018. With a current trading volume (24h) of USD 1.5B+, BKEX is one of the largest asian crypto exchanges.

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CoinTiger is a centralized exchange, launched in 2017 and located in Singapore. Their current trading volume is USD 400M+.

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Zeniq exchange offers a fast and secure way to manage and trade all categories of crypto assets. Via the Zeniq smartchain, an own decentralized blockchain launched in 2022, you get best rates and affordable fees.


BitMart is one of the leading exchanges providing fast, secure, and professional crypto trading services. BitMart was founded in 2017 and has 750+ high-quality currencies and 800+ trading pairs available.

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Import AVINOC token to MetaMask wallet

  • Download the MetaMask application
  • Click on “Token import”
  • Select “Custom token”
  • Enter token address —
  • Click “Import”
  • Now your AVINOC token is imported in MetaMask and you can start trading/swapping

How to buy
AVINOC guide?

If you would like to buy AVINOC, you can follow the step-by-step guide.

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