AVINOC Builds Bridges to a New Digital Age at MEBAA

The leading business aviation event in the Middle East, the 9th MEBAA Show will open its doors from December 6 to 8 at DWC, Dubai Airshow Site. The international show, twice postponed due to the pandemic, is one of the largest industry events focused on commercial aviation. This year’s event with an updated program is set to deliver the most groundbreaking experience in its history, bringing the business aviation community together in person to take advantage of the enormous growth projected for the sector.

The MEBAA Show (previously known as MEBA) is organized by the TarsusFEME Group and is held every two years alternating with the Dubai Airshow. The exhibition brings together the industry’s major players and most influential individuals – operators, leading product and service companies, engineering firms, aviation equipment suppliers, airlines, the latest digital platforms for business and private aviation, blockchain-based assets, eVTOL aircraft and advanced technologies from leading business aircraft manufacturers – for three days of insightful debates, exciting industry announcements and high-quality networking opportunities to drive business aviation forward. Altogether more than 500 exhibitors are expected to attend the event. Demo flights with about 50 aircraft will be part of the air show program, which will take place during the exhibition.


The exhibition’s new program is designed to bring networking to a new level, advancing the business aviation industry for the future. Therefore, the organizers created a special area to facilitate business networking. In addition, participants will be introduced to MEBAA Connect that provide a new mobile app based on artificial intelligence, to help members of the show plan meetings in advance and get the best experience and most productive outcome.

This year’s MEBAA Show will launch a new conference where, in more than 25 sessions by renowned industry experts in BizAv Talks, guests can learn about new aviation market trends and dive into key topics and practices such as future aviation, sustainability, use of green fuel and environmental goals as well as emerging markets, supply chain details for aircraft and more. BizAv Talks will reassess industry dynamics and offer a new perspective on business aviation and how technology can deliver a better customer journey.

AVINOC will be exhibiting at MEBAA Show 2022 together with one of its running tokenization projects, revolutionary VOO Marketplace – world’s first digital marketplace to search, book, pay and manage private jet charter flights. Gernot Winter, CEO of AVINOC will also be one of the speakers of the show in BizAv Talks, introducing the company’s latest tokenization projects that are designed to erase the line between the real world and crypto to the international public and holding a special joint presentation “Stay ahead of the curve with cryptocurrencies” together with CEO of VOO Flights Robert Plhak

This presentation will take place on the day two of the show, December 7, at 14:30 GST and address the readiness and adaptability to the quickly evolving technological landscape that is crucial in today’s marketplace and will explore the purchasing methods of tomorrow’s customers and the benefits of providing flexible payment options. Given the huge growth projected for the sector, with AVINOC as an exhibitor at the show, MEBAA 2022 is the ideal business platform for the community leaders to learn about the significance of new technologies in business aviation and the way AVINOC is leading the way in tokenization activity towards the digital future of the industry.

AVINOC will be represented by Gernot Winter, CEO & Founder AVINOC & VOO flights and René Inkret, CEO & Founder VOO Aviation Service. The team will be available at DWC, Dubai Airshow Site — booth 778 during the entire show to demonstrate the enormous potential and projected growth of the aviation industry and how the integration of new technologies and the implementation of blockchain technology in aviation is leading to a global positive transformation of the entire aviation industry.