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AVINOC's  Vision

It is our vision to solve the serious, structural, processual and daily business problems of the aviation industry.

AVINOC's  Mission

We design, develop and deploy the open source Blockchain solution. By offering our "Blockchain as a Service" (BaaS), we make it feasible for all stakeholders in the aviation industry.

The Project

AVINOC is a consistent, integrated and permissionless functional base data layer in form of a Blockchain for the aviation industry. It can be used by all participants in the aviation industry, like passengers, airlines, business aviation (BizAv) operators and all edged suppliers to e.g. book flights or manage all processes within their organizations in an efficient way.

AVINOC has been designed to achieve optimal utilization and reduce costs significantly. It has the capability to connect all participants to make the interconnected customer journey becoming real.

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Business Aviation - BizAv

For the first time in the world there will be provided the coordination and management of business flight within one decentralized, standardized and transparent system to all Business Aviation Operators on a global scale.

general aviation

General Aviation

General Aviation (GA) covers the worldwide civil transportation of persons and cargo with airplanes or helicopters outside of the scope of regular charter and airline business. It can further be divided into the Business Aviation branch (BA, corporate and executive aviation business) as well as the Private Aviation branch (private flying and clubs).

aviation management

Aviation Management

Managing all the traffic in GA requires intermediaries (like brokers or platforms) functioning as a kind of communication interface between customers and operators. Such systems tend to be highly complex, laborious, time consuming, and finally expensive. Direct bookings and communication between customers and operators are basically impossible.

blockchain solution


Every user involved in AVINOC possesses a local copy of all relevant data. This creates new opportunities for global, direct, permissionless, and fast communication between participants involved in the complex aviation business. AVINOC makes all necessary information of availability of staff and equipment visible in a decentralized manner. Efforts for communication and coordination can be reduced to a minimum or, in most cases, they can be totally eliminated.

BizAv - Use Cases

Management in business aviation (BizAv) requires sustainable and completely new concepts. AVINOC creates these.



Manual order processing and information retrieval via e-mail, telephone or fax must be a thing of the past. Direct bookings and empowerment of the customer through the availability of all data is our goal.


Empty flights

Aircraft operators struggle with low utilization and high costs due to lack of available data. Optimum utilization, low costs, and satisfied customers can only be achieved with a consistent, freely available, and integrated database.


Unused capacities

Often only one seat is occupied, but the customer has to pay for the entire flight - i.e. all seats. Jet Sharing can find in any situation, very easy, and fast worldwide sympathetic fellow travellers. This will split the cost of the flight among all passengers and reduce costs for each significantly.

The above examples are just a small selection of solutions for the GA created worldwide with the help of AVINOC.

Airline Issues

Airline ticket management urgently needs technical innovation. AVINOC creates these.

Since the 1960's, the organization of air travel with airlines has been steered by the same technology, even to this day. This system is generally known as the Global Distribution System (GDS). In this system transactions are made between the airlines and travel agencies that offer passengers air travel. This market is dominated by three players worldwide. Other than the GDS, a huge amount of price comparison and booking portals have sprung to existence, which separates airlines from customers and therefore, creating non-transparency. Technical innovation is urgently needed to break this artificial overpriced system and to strengthen the airline market from the inside again.


Booking Portals

Booking portals are intermediaries between travelers and airlines. They raise, unbeknownst to us, the complexity, non-transparency, and prices of flight tickets for customers. Fees for paying with a credit card, unwanted additional insurances, high cancellation prices, high fees for any changes, extra fees for seat reservation or luggage, non-transparent booking classes, missing booking confirmations, and complicated search masks are the largest cause for customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, programs (bots) manipulate the prices and book automatically, to change the workload for the benefit of these portals.


GDS & Travel Agencies

Between airlines and their customers is on one hand the GDS and on the other hand the travel agencies. The airlines pay booking fees to the GDS and commissions to the travel agencies. Travel agencies are then compelled by the GDS, to also use the system. The traveler, in the end, has also paid a service fee to these agencies. Airlines cannot opt out of the GDS, because there are no practical economical alternatives. In the end, airlines have had a decrease in margins, although there is an increase in travelers and for travelers there is still an increase in ticket prices.


AVINOC for Airlines

AVINOC can solve this problem and its complexity through its permissionless base data layer. AVINOC enables airlines to take back the direct contact to the customer starting from the marketing, as well as the direct price comparison and lastly direct bookings. At the same time, a high transparency for offers and prices, in line with the market-conform, is made for all market participants. Intermediaries, in the form of booking and price comparison platforms, will not be needed anymore.

Airlines & TravelTech

80% of the airlines are dependent on the GDS but they are on the one hand not able to sell all their services through it because of the growing system complexity and adoption costs while on the other hand consumer expectations and technologies are growing even faster. Completely new concepts will be needed, AVINOC creates these.

AVINOC airline usecase #1

Direct Sale

Selling a wider range of services by an airline on a global scale, targeting emerging markets without high adoption costs, advertising in a personalized way and managing royalty can be done without using the GDS. AVINOC enables a global market even in emerging regions for all services and products an airline offers. All participants of the system can offer and manage all their services in an individual and frictionless way

AVINOC airline usecase #2

Customer Journey

AVINOC enables communication for all systems needed during the customer journey. AVINOC connects participants in a permissionless way and without being a competitor. It grants access for all existing and future systems (booking, security, baggage tracking, travel agencies, hotels and 3rd parties) in well established and in emerging markets. This enables pass & booking through of the whole journey and new business opportunities.

AVINOC airline usecase #3

Standard & NDC

Communication, internally or externally needs well designed processes to meet quality and reduce internal friction and personnel efforts for coordination. International communication requires a standard like the New Distribution Capability (NDC) from IATA. To achieve this goal on a technical basis AVINOC serves as a communication layer for all participants.

Aviation market


Aviation globally
USD $1.1 Trillion


Numbers globally

Airlines hard facts

USD $814+ Billion

turnover globally

is generated by airlines per year, anual growth at 7.0%

USD $10+ Billion

GDS fees & agent costs

–37% average airline revenue per departing passenger

(only) 4% profit

of the travel value chain

but airlines are the core of the business

General Aviation & BizAv hard facts

USD $286+ Billion

turnover globally

is generated by the GA per year, anual growth at 7.6%

USD $114 Billion

823,000 empty flights

(paid) totally per year, totalizing 35%+ of all flights


on average by brokers

about 33% of total costs by intermediaries

Sources of the underlying market analysis:  #2016 General Aviation Statistical Databook & 2017 Industry Outlook, GAMA 2017 #Europa treibt das Wachstum im weltweiten Luftverkehr an, bld.aero 2018 #IATA/Statista, online 2018 #Market Forecast 2015-2024, Bombardier Aircraft 2015 #Business Aviation State of the Industry 2014, EBAA 2017 #Private Jet Market in Europe vs USA 2013, Private Fly 2015


The AVINOCoin is the operating resource, the "fuel" of the Blockchain. It ensures the integrity of the data within the system. AVINOCoins will be used for every writing process as a means of spam protection to e.g. set up base containers (for aircrafts, flights, etc.) offer tickets or make bookings. Furthermore, the AVINOCoin can be used individually to pay for all services and goods. There is a fixed supply of 1 Billion AVINOCoins provided after the MainNetLaunch (MNL).

AVINOCoin utilization #1


Integer data & spam protection

AVINOCoin utilization #2


Direct bookings without intermediaries

AVINOCoin utilization #3


Fully automatic processing

AVINOCoin utilization #4


Optimized fuel service

AVINOCoin utilization #5


Paying salaries directly across borders

AVINOCoin utilization #6


On demand & optimal aircraft load

AVINOCoin utilization #7

3rd Party

Services & Travel Tech

AVINOCoin utilization #8


On Board sale and more ...

The AVINOCoin will be generated by exchanging the pre filtered and AML as well as KYC checked AVINOC tokens during the Main Net Launch.

History & Roadmap

  • 2006 - 2007

    AVINOC 1.0 - Prototype

    GoLive of AVINOC 1.0, various business aviation companies using AVINOC, audits by European authorities passed successfully. The concept works.

  • 2008

    AVINOC 2.0 - ERP

    The secure cloud based ERP solution for the business aviation, including modules for flight-planning, crew- and qualification management, flight- and pilots logs has been released.

  • 2009 - 2010

    Modules & CFMU

    Maintenance management, logistics as well as SCM modules released and Eurocontrol CFMU-integration finished. The number of customer is growing.

  • 2011 - 2013

    Accounting & Mobile App

    Accounting module, advanced routing, and company's flightplan functionality implemented. Mobile App Version 1.0 released.

  • 2016

    The Blockchain-Age

    Begin of research on how to enhance the established cloud solution with blockchain technology. Identifying primary optimization points in global GA and how to address them with blockchain technology.

  • 2017

    Forming - Team & Partners

    Strategic partnerships and constitution of AVINOC Core Team. Definition of specific parameters for SCM and Aviation. Adoption and core concept of the logistic model to meet the real world with a blockchain and how to manage physical assets within an adopted blockchain system.

  • Jan. - Feb. 2018

    Preparing Publications

    Adoption and development of the unique AVINOC webdesign. Work on publications, the websystem and the whitepaper. Creating the unique community and marketing campaign. Preparing and working on concepts and strategic investment relations.

  • Apr. - Aug. 2018

    AVINOC Brand & Token

    AVINOC private and public token sale and community events. Establishing an international AVINOC company - AVINOC Ltd. The brand growth, 300,000+ registered users and many followers on various social media channels are helping AVINOC. The name AVINOC is now present in media and on road-shows.

  • Q3 2018

    Marketing & PR

    Start to form the extended project and sales team. List AVINOC on exchanges to enable public trading. Building further investor relations in Asia, Middle East, Europe and in the US. Marketing runs at full steam, TV-spots are produced - this will go on ...

  • Q4 2018

    Road Shows & Aviation Challenges

    Approach legacy aviation market participants to invite them to become strategic partners by using the AVINOC blockchain. Attending to Aviation Challenges and winning them. Bring AVINOC to major exchanges and improved community building.

  • Late Q4 2019

    Development KickOff

    Concept and RD work as well as the final setup for the development company and forming of the core development team. Already associated strategic partners start workshops with AVINOC.

  • Q1 2019

    DAPIs & Design

    RD, RE and Design work is ongoing. Starting the design process for APIs, DAPIs and SDKs for open source applications. Enterprise marketing & sales concepts will be created related to the business model.

  • Late Q1 2019

    DAPIs Development

    DAPIs Development starts and before the blockchain architecture will be setuped a blockchain technology review will be done. Overall marketing & PR for utilization & community building as well as the community support is ongoing.

  • Q2 - Q3 2019

    Open Source Development

    The open source AVINOC blockchain, DAPIs and some enterprice DAPIs working with Blockchain as a Service are developed. Partner DAPI development takes additionally place

  • Q4 2019

    Main Net Launch

    The AVINOC blockchain hase been release open source and the Main Net Launch took place. AVINOC is used to provide real flight data for the public. Administrative transactions get managed and paid with AVINOC. 3rd parties and the open source community implementing AVINOC within their solutions.

  • Q4 2020

    Total Integration

    Customers are booking their flights at BizAv operators or tickets at airlines on the blockchain and are using AVINOCoins to pay. Airports are managing their aprons and are getting their fees paid with AVINOC. Fuel companies and handling agents are getting paid with AVINOC.

  • 2020 - 2022

    Jet- and Seat-sharing Market

    The huge competitive advantage of using AVINOC attracts a substantial part of the overall market including former competitor. Jet- and seat-sharing is reducing costs significantly. Platforms opening a single seat market.

International Team

Out-Of-The-Box thinking and combined experience in IT, Blockchain/crypto, aviation, business development, SAP, Finance, PM, RE, QM in one smart, international team. Together we can rely on far more than 200 years of IT and aviation experience as well as experience in blockchain technologies since 2011.

Robert Galovic

Partner | Product Development & RE

Robert is the interdisciplinary Universalist. He has been in the IT business since 1999 working for international companies in software development and consulting. He holds a master's degree in engineering and management as well as a bachelor's degree in physics. In addition to many other projects, he has been working on software systems for general aviation since 2007, crypto currencies since 2011, and blockchains and AIs since 2014. Pilot License PPL + ROC, EASA & FAA

Karl-Heinz Mali

Partner | Aviation, Middle East & India

Karl Heinz started his first own software company after his engineer training. He was a leader in the field of medical imaging in Austria. In 1994, he founded the company Mali Air with his first aircraft, a Cessna 340A. 2005 saw the arrival of the first jet, a C501, and today the fleet consists of 5 aircraft. With 2017 Karl Heinz has taken over a flight school for the airline pilot training with 8 airplanes. In addition to working in his company, Karl Heinz also acts as an advisor to international corporations. Pilot License ATPL & Examiner ATPL / CPL

Rene Inkret

Partner | Aviation Logistics & Planning

Rene is like Karl Heinz a professional pilot. Since 2004, he has worked for national and international airlines and has gained experience in flying on different business jets around the world. Since 2014, he and his dispatch company FDSC have been in charge of aviation companies and clients in the field of business aviation. As a market insider, he controls the planning and logistics of flight operations with his background knowledge. Pilot License ATPL

Gernot Winter

Partner | Finance, Investments & Legal

Gernot has been working at C-level as an operational manager and consultant for about 20 years. His focus is on strategic corporate management, business development, finance, controlling, and human resources. Gernot holds a master of business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and is a certified restructuring law expert.

Shayda Osman

Partner | Marketing, Sales & Communication

Shayda was responsible for the operation and promotion of Influencechain.org in Europe. He also held management positions at Raiffeisen Bank ATOS, and other well-known international companies. He obtained a master's degree in Economic Management. He was a player in the former Austrian Football League. After retirement, he focused on business cooperation and academic exchanges between Europe and the Middle East, and established IRONBODY, a brand of fitness and health care products.

Peter Skerl

Partner | Blockchain-Technology

Peter has experience in software development since his childhood. He completed a technical engineering school and studied Telematics at the University of Technology in Graz. He worked as a software specialist for the Austrian military as well as on behalf of international companies, and was architect of the ERP-Cloud of the Aviation Network Operation Centre. As a blockchain enthusiast and software architect, he provides blockchain solutions to the Austrian industry. His experiences with crypto currencies and blockchains almost goes back to their origins.

Petra Peinsitt

Advisor | Finance, Investments & Legal

Petra is an organizational talent with in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and financial management, marketing & sales. She was responsible for 7 years for Marketing & Sales at Red Bull and worked for another 7 years as branch manager, and commercial customer advisor at BKS Bank AG. She contributed significantly to the success of these companies. Today, Petra is employed in a highly innovative Austrian start-up and supports the management as a consultant in financial management, marketing & sales,and human resources.

Naveed Syed

Advisor | Strategic Alliance & Investor Relations

Naveed is a Senior Consultant and he has over 20 years of documented success in customer-centric positions with Fortune 500, turnaround and start-up organizations. Naveed has focused his career on creating holistic, hands-on understanding of todays business environments. He is skilled at helping clients with customer retention, cross-selling opportunities and reducing the cost to serve ratios. He has also been involved with creating CRM strategies with tangible ROI and with designing customer contact strategies that foster loyalty. Naveed frequently focuses on engagements involving strategy and operations, organizational effectiveness and customer and channel strategy. He is currently also a member of the Board of Directors of UXQCC, User Experience Certification Center in Austria. Naveed is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and also holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Patrick Sadovnik

Team | International Sales & Investor Relations

Patrick holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Economics of the University of Klagenfurt as well as from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He supports AVINOC with his international network as a sales and investment relations specialist.

Robert Schwertner

Advisor | Public Relations

Robby Schwertner is active in the blockchain domain: he serves the crypto community as an social media influencer and blogger focusing on cryptocurrencies and startups built on blockchain technology. His critical insights are published globally, including at www.wallstreet-online.de and he is a frequent speaker at international blockchain events. Previously Robby managed R&D funds for Smart City and Urban Technology projects, including nano-technology and sustainable energy services, alternating frequently between Europe and China.

Magdalena Isbrandt

Advisor | Investor Relations

Magdalena studied in Berlin and Beijing Business Administration and Sinology as well as Entrepreneurial Economics with a focus on “Austrian School of Economics”. As the managing partner of Bit-Trust Store GmbH, Magdalena has founded the world‘s first Bitcoin store "The House of Nakamoto in Vienna". In July 2018, a further store is following in London "The House of Nakamoto international". The stores goals are to offer consulting as well as purchase and sale of Bitcoins.

Jakob Hohenberger

Advisor | Product Development & AI

Jacob's greatest talents are his curiosity and the urge to apply what he has learned in order to turn ideas into reality economically. At 14, he founded his first company. Today, he is CEO of a rapidly growing group of companies with more than 30 highly qualified employees. His expertise lies in software product development (Guid.New GmbH) and chatbots (VEA GmbH, Botential) as well as artificial intelligence.

Song Jie Hong

Advisor | Regional Agent for China & Canada

Song Jie is our network professional in Asia and Canada. Song Jie has completed military medical training in Shijiazhuang. She completed a master's degree in international finance management in Beijing. After that, she worked in an international company in Hong Kong. Today, she is active in the real estate business at offices in Beijing and Vancouver as well as in the business development of General Aviation in China for MaliAir.

Florian Hye

Advisor | Aviation & Quality Assurance

Since 2004, Florian has worked in both Business Aviation and Software Development. He holds a master in management. Through his work as a pilot, he was able to study the fundamentals and requirements of the industry from the ground up and constantly develop improvements to optimize processes and routines in planning and logistics. As part of the FDSC, he manages a large number of airlines in the field of dispatch, administration, and logistics. Pilot license ATPL (A) / TRI

Giovanni Casagrande

Advisor | Expert & Growth Hacker

I’m a believer in the power of decentralization and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. I’m a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space. Fortuned enough to lived in the transition, I bring two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier.

Jörg Vogeltanz

Advisor | Artdirector & Media-Management

Jörg is a cross-media artist with a focus on comics/graphics, short stories/illustrations and videos. He is the founder and chairman of "edition preQuel", of "entrancexit" and "macGuffin". He is also director of several music videos and independent art projects (independent sequential art projects). He is a master of stage design and completed his studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. There he is now an editor for freehand drawing and computer-aided graphic design as well as graphic design itself. In an advisory capacity for illustrations and design, Jörg works for countless customers in Austria. He has been working on topics related to Blockchain since 2017. He is particularly interested in the transformation and transport of information to the user.

Michael Linder

Advisor | CIO & Product Development

Michael is an enthusiastic and creative team player who is passionate about introducing new enterprise IT technologies, including AVINOC. He completed his education as a software engineer at the HTL Villach and holds an IT Business Solutions Master of the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt. He worked for ATOS and addIT for a long time, where he realized projects for well-known clients such as Siemens. Michael now owns Strali Solutions. With his company, he supports national and international clients in the implementation of their projects. The focus of the service spectrum lies in IT consulting, digitization, productivity solutions, system and software architecture, as well as software engineering and IoT. Since 2017, Michael has also dealt with the introduction of Blockchain technologies in the industry.

Joshua Emmanuel

Ambassador | Africa

Maxime Legros

Advisor | GSC Aviation & MRO

More than seven years of experience and knowledge in Purchasing within the Aviation Industry, Maxime is curious and strategic, he likes to develop business relationship with partners and customers. He likes to work under pressure. At the head of the Blockchain GSC Platform project he manages about thirty people to provide an effective blockchain solution to the current problems in the aerospace supply chain. Maxims organisation GSC Aviation also partners with AVINOC.

Jay Lee

Translation Team

Harshit Talavia

Advisor | Network Marketing


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House of Nakamoto
CoinBe - Crypto-Exchange
PoolParty Semantic Suite
World Markets
ALT5 Sigma
New to the Street
Trading View
Team McAfee
McAfee Presidency Campaign

Aviation Challenges Finalist

AVINOC attended to various aviation challenges from big players in the aviation industry market. We are proud to announce that we are finalist in the following major ones:

SAP / Lufthansa - Blockchain Challenge


INTELAK Challenge for Emirates Airlines, GE Aviation and Dubai Tourism



AVINOC is an international company and responsible for this website. AVINOC takes over the management, planning and development of all services and solutions. AVINOC currently has company sites in Asia (Hong Kong, Headquarters/Marketing) and in Europe (Graz, Development)


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