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It is our vision to solve the serious, structural, processual and daily business problems of the aviation industry.


We design, provide and maintain an open cloud and blockchain ecosystem and make it feasible for all stakeholders in the aviation industry.

Product Overview

AVINOC is a revolutionary and innovative solution to solve the main problems of the aviation business today. Handling all business aviation operations and services with only one single source based on cutting edge technology. AVINOC can be used by all participants - passengers, airlines, business aviation operators, brokers, organizations and all further edged suppliers. It has the capability to make the interconnected customer journey becoming real. AVINOC is a flexible digital solution ready to be tailor-made for different specifications.


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integrates 3 professional solutions

AVINOC Marketplace



ERP Cloud

AVINOC Payment


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is cloud & blockchain based, for your mobile and desktop usage

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is free of any service charges, easy to use, fast and secure

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connects you directly & in real time

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offers you individual smart processes and fully integrated services

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is compliant to FAA/EASA regulations as well as to the NDC

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saves your time and money

AVINOC Marketplace

is the 1st fully functional global digital marketplace where ‘real’ supply meets demand. AVINOC Marketplace can be used for free. Neither registration nor periodical fixed fees nor hidden costs. Fair variable pricing based only on effected transactions. AVINOC marketplace is a central platform connecting all participants and streamlining all communication data and payments. It is your open trading place and can be integrated in existing solutions.

AVINOC marketplace 1
Air charter & broker
AVINOC marketplace 4
Customers & eCommerce
AVINOC marketplace 2
Fuel suppliers
AVINOC marketplace 3
Catering suppliers
AVINOC marketplace 5
BizAv - Airline interlining
AVINOC marketplace 6
Airport services, handling, security, transfer, etc.

AVINOC Marketplace

AVINOCenter - ERP solution

is a cloud based and integrated Business Management Solution designed to organize your whole aviation business. AVINOCenter will connect you with the AVINOC marketplace and AVINOC payment. More than 10 years of AVNOC's aviation management expirience will help to increase productivity and efficiency significantly in the global aviation industry. AVINOCenter is your one-stop solution to prepare your aviation business for the future - and it is also free of any service fees.


AVINOC erp 1
Aircraft & fleet management
AVINOC erp 2
Crew planning, human ressources & duty time management
AVINOC erp 3
Customer & passengers relations
AVINOC erp 4
Flight orders & planning
AVINOC erp 5
Qualification & permission handling
AVINOC erp 6
Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
AVINOC erp 7
Finance & Accounting

AVINOC Payment

AVINOC payment combines traditional payment methods with cryptocurrency through the AVINOC Blockchain in real time and with high confidence. It provides instant and secure payment globally with high standards. The internal crypto currency guarantees an immediate settlement of your payments.

AVINOC Payment Menu
AVINOC Payment Balance
AVINOC Payment Menu
AVINOC Payment Balance

Blockchain allows airlines, travel agents, and others across the distribution space to better collaborate while co-delivering travel products and services. The anticipated changes could expand the distribution reach of all parties involved, and increase the efficiency of how travel products and services are aggregated. It also has the capability to move payment towards being more transparent, in real-time and on low-cost.


The AVINOCoin is the operating resource, the 'fuel' of AVINOC Payment. AVINOCoins will be used individually to pay for all services and goods like for example following ones:

AVINOCoin utilization #1


Peer to Peer, instant

AVINOCoin utilization #2

Flights & Tickets

Direct bookings without intermediaries

AVINOCoin utilization #3

Handling Fees

Fully automatic processing

AVINOCoin utilization #4


Optimized fuel service

AVINOCoin utilization #5


Paying salaries directly across borders

AVINOCoin utilization #6


On demand & optimal aircraft load

AVINOCoin utilization #7

3rd Party

Services & Travel Tech

AVINOCoin utilization #8


On Board sale and more ...

Legally purchased AVINOC token can be exchanged by real persons or registered companies into the stable AVINOCoin at a given date and after registering an account in AVINOChain and passing all AML and KYC checks. The Exchange rate will be defined one day before Main Net Launch.

Strategic Partners

AVINOC supports and cooperates with following top players of the aviation, IT and crypto industry.

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PoolParty Semantic Suite
World Markets
ALT5 Sigma
CoinBe - Crypto-Exchange
PoolParty Semantic Suite
World Markets
ALT5 Sigma
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Our Team

Out-of-the-box thinking and combined experience in one smart team of industry, management, digital- & financial market professionals. Together we can rely on far more than 200 years of IT, management and aviation experience as well as experience in blockchain technologies since 2011.

Gernot Winter
Partner | Finance, Investments & Legal

Gernot has been working at C-level as an operational manager and consultant for about 20 years. His focus is on strategic corporate management, business development, finance, controlling, and human resources. Gernot holds a master of business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and is a certified restructuring law expert.

Rene Inkret
Partner | Aviation Logistics & Planning

Rene is like Karl Heinz a professional pilot. Since 2004, he has worked for national and international airlines and has gained experience in flying on different business jets around the world. Since 2014, he and his dispatch company FDSC have been in charge of aviation companies and clients in the field of business aviation. As a market insider, he controls the planning and logistics of flight operations with his background knowledge. Pilot License ATPL

Peter Skerl
Partner | Blockchain-Technology

Peter has experience in software development since his childhood. He completed a technical engineering school and studied Telematics at the University of Technology in Graz. He worked as a software specialist for the Austrian military as well as on behalf of international companies, and was architect of the ERP-Cloud of the Aviation Network Operation Centre. As a blockchain enthusiast and software architect, he provides blockchain solutions to the Austrian industry. His experiences with crypto currencies and blockchains almost goes back to their origins.

Robert Galovic
Partner | Operations, RE & Product Development

Robert is the interdisciplinary Universalist. He has been in the IT business since 1999 working for international companies in software development and consulting. He holds a master's degree in engineering and management as well as a bachelor's degree in physics. In addition to many other projects, he has been working on software systems for general aviation since 2007, crypto currencies since 2011, and blockchains and AIs since 2014. Pilot License PPL+RR, LPE, EASA & FAA

Petra Peinsitt
Partner | Graphic Design & Brand Management

Petra is an organizational talent with in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and financial management, marketing & sales. She was responsible for 7 years for Marketing & Sales at Red Bull and worked for another 7 years as branch manager, and commercial customer advisor at BKS Bank AG. She contributed significantly to the success of these companies. Today, Petra is employed in a highly innovative Austrian start-up and supports the management as a consultant in financial management, marketing & sales,and human resources.

Aviation Challenges Finalist

AVINOC attended to various aviation challenges from big players in the aviation industry. We are proud to announce that we have been finalist (SAP/LH) and shortlisted in the following major ones:

SAP / Lufthansa - Blockchain Challenge


INTELAK Challenge by Emirates Airlines, GE Aviation and Dubai Tourism & DFA Challenge for Emirates


AVINOC in Press & Media

Watch our interviews, read our articles and visit our media-partners to get an outstanding picture of our vision.

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Social Media & Events

Find AVINOC at upcoming events and on social media. Stay informed about our activities and the project progress. Meet us at our next events.


AVINOC Ltd is an international company and currently has departments in Asia (Hong Kong, Headquarters/Marketing) and in Europe (Graz, Development).


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