FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Token Sale General Passus

If you participate in the Airdrop and or Token Sale you accept our terms and conditions. You have to be signed in with at least one social media account to participate in the Airdrop and/or Token Sale and enable all features for them. Please note that all deposits you will make are finals and there is no refund. Always double check what you are doing. If you are signed in you can switch between crypto currencies (on the left side) in the deposit section. You can transfere your desired deposit after scanning the QR code (if your device supports that), copy the wallet address to the clipboard, or use the ShapeShift Button. Once your deposited funds are over the minimum buy limit, you can buy AVINOC tokens with your funds.

2 ETH Wallet Address Registration

For receiving our AVINOC tokens you have to register your personal ETH wallet address. The wallet must support ERC20 Tokens and you MUST own the private key of this address. This wallet belongs totaly to you and you have full control over it. The wallet is not on our system. The wallet must further NOT be on a public exchange or other platform, where you migth have no access to the private key. As long as the ETH wallet is not registered, AVINOC Tokens can not be sent to you (your wallet). The wallet address can be changed until the last day of the ICO.

3 Supported Crypto Currencies

You can deposit your funds through various crypto currencies (cc). We offer currently 6 of them within the deposit section. You can switch between them to view all balances and addresses by clicking on the currency symbol at the button bar on the left side. For each cc you will receive an own personal wallet address in our system, this also guarantees your privacy. Your wallet addresses in our system are linked to your social media accounts you signed in before. Please note that if you loose your sign in on any way, you will not be able to access your account, neither your wallets in here and so your deposits or already bought tokens are also not accessible to you. Please be sure that you are only signed in with social media accounts which belong to you!

4 ShapeShift Button

If available, we support for depositing funds also a ShapeShift Button. With ShapeShift it will be possible to transfer any alt-coin to a crypto currency on a wallet we support. AVINOC is not responsible for the service or functionality of ShapeShift and can not be held liable for it. You use Shapeshift at your own risk.

5 Deposit Bonus

From the start of pre-sale until the beginning of public sale (crowd sale), we give you, despite an off for the token sale itself, an additional bonus for early depositing at us. This bonus decreases linearily until the start of the public sale. It starts at 7.5% and goes down to 0% until the day of the public sale (crowd sale). The bonus is credited directly to the deposit and can not be claimed in case of a possible repayment.

6 Deposits and Totals

For each crypto currency, the funds are displayed in USD with the corresponding currency symbol on the left side of the deposit section. The totals of all listed cryptocurrencies are shown below. The total amount of funds displayed in USD may vary due to changes in the crypto currency market. Your deposits will be visible after appropriate confirmations of your transaction. Pending transaction will not be shown in the deposit section (you can watch them with your preferred block explorer). The deposits in your wallet, for each cryptocurrency a separate one, will remain unchanged in our system until you buy AVINOC tokens.

7 Pre-sale Token Price

You will be able to participate in the pre-sale if the (confirmed) amount of your total deposits (funds in here) is worth than USD $50,000.00 - then also the buy section will be enabled for you. You will see the AVINOC token pre-sale price, which will be (was) at the beginning of pre-sale much lower than the issuing price at the public sale. The price increases until the end of the pre-sale and equalizes the issue price at the public sale (crowd sale).

8 Pre-sale Procedure

When your total funds are worth than USD $50,000.00 the buy button in the buying section (box) will be enabled. You'll see on the right side your AVINOC token balance. You only will be able to buy the Tokens with the full amount of your total funds worth in USD at once. If you click the buy button, you have to confirm the transaction by entering a security code. After confirming the order, the AVINOC tokens will be bought buy you. They will not be sent at this moment to your personal ETH wallet (as mentioned before, this will happen on day after the Airdrop). Your ETH wallet address, you registered, also will be used for the Airdrop on airdrop day. Please note that you can only buy an maximum amount of 10 Million AVINOC Tokens. Only the amount needed for the purchase will be used. If the value of your deposits is greater than the value of the maximum amount of tokens available to purchase, the surplus will remain on our system.

9 Public Sale Procedure

The public sale (crowd sale) begins with the end of the pre-sale. The minimum amount in USD of the total deposited funds for the purchase of AVINOC tokens is USD 10 then, the maximum of AVINOC tokens that can be purchased is 10 Million tokens, just as at the pre-sale.

10 Token Distribution Procedure

After the day of the Airdrop AVINOC tokens (both, from Airdrop and sale) will be sent to the address of the ETH-Wallet registered by you in our system. From this point in time on, you can manage your tokens yourself. Please make sure you have backed up and secured all of your at AVINOC registered social media accounts by using strong authentication.

11 Airdrop

Our Airdrop is handled only through our website. The registration of the ETH-wallet for Airdrop is only available on our website. The ETH wallet is used for the Airdrop as well as for the token sale. You can register your ETH wallet if you have signed in with at least one social media account.

When you participate in the Airdrop, you can - but you do not have to - accomplish several different missions. The more missions have been completed and the higher the rating in the social network (depending on followers, karma, likes, etc.) is, the more bonus points you get.

Your referrers and their investments are also counted in bonus points at the end of the day. Any referrer who buys AVINOC tokens as well will increase your amount of bonus points.

The Airdrop will reward you for supporting AVINOC with AVINOC tokens worth USD. Corresponding values ​​are always updated on our website. Please note that all values ​​are preliminary estimates and can change significantly until the day of the Airdrop. The values ​​depend, among other things, on the amount of your bonus points and the number of participants in the Airdrop.

The Airdrop was created in favour of our supporters and community. We reward you for helping AVINOC. The more you do, the more people you bring to AVINOC in different ways, the higher your reward will be at the end of the day - the day of the Airdrop.

12 Social Media Accounts and Registration

AVINOC does not provide an own registration function. For this we use several social media providers. Please secure your accounts there to make sure no one than you can sign in to AVINOC with your social media account.

You can register more than one account. Every account you register will be linked to already registered ones in our system. Please note that, if you are not signed in with previously registered accounts, you will not be able to link further accounts. AVINOC also will not be able to do this for you due to GDPR concerns.

If you sign in with at least one account, also your wallet - which you can register then - will be linked to this/these accounts(s) in our system.

13. Public Sale

Buy AVINOC tokens at our public sale from 07/15/2018 null 07/31/2018 . Deposit some funds to top up your USD balance to buy tokens. Every day a contingent of AVINOC tokens will be sold in a daily auction. Set a price for an order. As soon as the counter reaches zero all orders are automatically executed. Depending on supply and demand low price orders may not be executed. Not executed orders below the closing price will be set on next opening price and raised additionally by 25% but should be adjusted manually by you.